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Welcome to Hanoi... CAN YOU SPEAK UP PLEASE!! 20.04.2014
Hello again, our old friend Hong Kong 20.04.2014
Fairytale views from Neuschwannstein Castle 03.12.2013
Evidence of evil at Dachau 03.12.2013
Ein Prosit Zum (A Toast To) Oktoberfest! 21.10.2013
Munchin' in München (Munich) 19.10.2013
Pilsen - A Hidden Foodie Haven 16.10.2013
Czech It Out, It's The Castle! 14.10.2013
Have No Fear, It's Czech Beer... You're In The Clear! 10.10.2013
What's To Eat? Potatoes And Meat! 08.10.2013
Clambering through Constable Country 07.10.2013
London calling, yes, I was there, too! 30.09.2013
It's My Birthday and I'll Punt If I Want To! 27.09.2013
Not The Nottingham We Expected 27.09.2013
Heading Home to Hebden Bridge 27.09.2013
Doing as the Romans Do - Walking the Wall 13.09.2013
Monster-Less at Loch Ness 13.09.2013
Skye High and Loving It! 12.09.2013
Is that a Jacobite rising, or are you just happy to see me?! 11.09.2013
Haggis and Heartfelt Memories in Oban 11.09.2013
Glasgow - Shivering in the Shadow of Edinburgh 10.09.2013
Kings of the Castle (of Edinburgh) 31.08.2013
Free Comedy - Who's Laughing Now? 28.08.2013
Living on the 'Fringe' of the Festival 25.08.2013
Bathing our Blisters in Budapest 17.08.2013
The Ghosts of Budapest Past 16.08.2013
Boiling in Budapest 14.08.2013
The (unsuccessful) Hunt for Count Dracula 14.08.2013
Brasov: The (stake in the) Heart of Transylvania 13.08.2013
Sibiu - Get Some Pork on Your Fork 13.08.2013
Tenacious Timisoara 11.08.2013
Serbia - Selective History in Bombed Belgrade 08.08.2013
Stunned Silence in Sarajevo 06.08.2013
Historical Reality Check in Mostar 06.08.2013
Montenegro: Thunder and lightning; very, very frightening!! 05.08.2013
Spectacular SANDY Sveti Stefan 05.08.2013
Counting our Savings in Kotor 04.08.2013
A day in Kings Landing (Or for the non-nerds - Dubrovnik) 31.07.2013
Birthday Boating in the Pakleni Islands 30.07.2013
Islands in the sun 29.07.2013
Birthday week begins in Hvar 29.07.2013
Crazy Canyoning - Croatia style! 28.07.2013
Split[ting] hairs on the definition of a beach?! 28.07.2013
Hmmm.. we may need to 'Split' this bill..... 27.07.2013
Bye Bye Barcelona 27.07.2013
Moments of serenity on Montserrat 22.07.2013
Totally tapas - With an international twist! 16.07.2013
The beach burns bright, with the fires of the night.. 15.07.2013
And on the eighth day, Gaudi created Barcelona... 15.07.2013
Top of the Tourist Trail - Alhambra 14.07.2013
Getting our Moroccan on... in Granada 14.07.2013
Sultans, Sangria and Hot Hot Sun in Seville 05.07.2013
Lazy day in Lagos 05.07.2013
Little Britain in Lagos 26.06.2013
Stunning Sintra in the Sunshine 26.06.2013
A Lazy Day in Lisbon 21.06.2013
Celebrations with Sardines & Saints 18.06.2013
Puffing and Panting up the Hills of Porto 17.06.2013
Food, Food, Glorious Food! 14.06.2013
Totally Tapas! with Spongebob Squarepants 13.06.2013
Marking History in Madrid 10.06.2013
Sunning ourselves in San Sebastian 09.06.2013
Bilbao Baggins 07.06.2013
Cheers to Colchester 05.06.2013
Riding the Royal Wave 02.06.2013
A day with 'Lizzy' and a night with 'Billy'! 02.06.2013
Sunny Days (And Murder) Around London Town 01.06.2013
Don't lose your head, it's just the Tower of London! 30.05.2013
'Meet the Fosters' in London 30.05.2013
Chiling in Colchester 29.05.2013
A sailors life for me - Honfleur 24.05.2013
Wonder of the West - Mont Saint Michel 24.05.2013
A real life castle with a real life family living inside 23.05.2013
Bordeaux, nothing to w(h)ine about! 22.05.2013
Winter has come - Protect the castle! 16.05.2013
Don't miss your turn off or you'll end up in Italy! 14.05.2013
Cannes - Lifestyles of the Rich, Famous and Tanned! 14.05.2013
Walking on Sunshine in Aix en Provence 12.05.2013
Swiss Dreams are Made of Cheese! (who am I to disagree) 12.05.2013
Tasting Stars at Moet & Chandon 10.05.2013
Sante! To Champagne! 10.05.2013
Dying to see the Catacombs 09.05.2013
The Royal Treatment at Versailles 09.05.2013
(Day &) Night at the Museum(s) 05.05.2013
Parlez-vous francais? Paris, Je t'aime! 04.05.2013
Bienvenue en France! 04.05.2013
Colchester, Essex - the nice bit of Essex 29.04.2013
Hello the UK, welcome to Col(d)chester 28.04.2013
The Final Gong for Hong Kong 26.04.2013
Winner, Winner Hotdog Dinner!!! 25.04.2013
"Peeking" @ HK 24.04.2013
The happiest place on earth... (Well one of them anyway!) 22.04.2013
Living the island life - Hong Kong Island that is! 21.04.2013
Cloudy With A Chance Of Dumplings! 20.04.2013
Hanging out for Hong Kong! 19.04.2013
Taking time out from life to really live... 15.04.2013