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A day with 'Lizzy' and a night with 'Billy'!

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"Mrs. Wilkinson: This'll sound strange, Billy, but for some time now I've been thinkin' of the Royal Ballet School.
Billy: Aren't you a bit old, miss?
Mrs. Wilkinson: No, not me... you! I'm the bloody teacher!"
-Billy Elliot - The Musical

Foodie moment

Grabbing a quick bite to eat before seeing 'Billy Elliot' we chose a random Italian restaurant near the theatre in Victoria. Although the staff were not the best (The owner rushed us through to start with to get more customers in, but then hesitated to give us our bill when his restaurant started to look unattractively empty as everyone headed to the nearby theatres!) the food was good!


Cultural moment

Tonight we went to see 'Billy Elliot' in the West End. It was a fantastic show, all of us loved it! The swearing was frequent so the group of children (they recommended it for 8yrs up!!) near us thought it was hilarious!! Our resident theatre expert, Wendy, pointed out a cultural difference between the audience in the UK and Melbourne. The audience at Billy Elliot were really involved in the show, cheering, laughing, clapping throughout the whole thing. Apparently the Melbourne Audiences are a little more restrained, or perhaps unsure of how they should act. Also it really is amazing the number of English that attend the theatre regularly, Each night there are at least 15 shows on in the West End and each is filled (and not by solely tourists). Many of the theatre goers were talking about other shows they had seen, and even comparing this performance to the other times they had come to see the show.


Wow moment

Windsor Castle is the Queens weekend residence; and with its size, massive stone walls and beautiful gardens this is not a surprise! With the heavens well and truly opening their floodgates, it was a good time to check out the State Apartments. These were well worth a look, particularly the room full of items the British had 'attained' during various battles, such as a gold tiger with crystal eyes and teeth, an Ethiopian crown and countless swords and guns from all over the world. St Georges hall was also spectacular, a long hall that is still used for elaborate banquets. The walls and ceiling are covered with the multi coloured shields of every Knight of Windsor there has ever been, however every now and then there is a plain white shield which represents a knight who acted dishonourably and lost his position. They are left in their position but painted white as a reminder of the oaths you take as a Knight of Windsor.


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